Working on promotional content for Paddy Power is an enjoyably unique undertaking.
Normally we look at the deliverables within a project then define the boundaries to work within, but with Paddy Power we define the boundaries and work out how best to break them. The results of this are video that we would conservatively call tongue in cheek, but often push the boat out way beyond this.



Paddy Power




Mobile Campaign




Featured content for in store, social media, iOS and Google Play app stores.

Short, snappy motion graphic productions are the essence of what we produce for Paddy Power. With the aim of entertaining and educating the viewer on various features of their products and platforms. The use of light hearted language and easy to follow visuals first highlight the concept or premise of the featured content, we then demonstrate it’s use, and finish with an actionable message explaining why this is beneficial to the user.


“It was extremely easy to work with Third Aspect. Ross was very on the ball, and all changes and edits were implemented and communicated with ease.
We’re very happy with all the finished products we’ve worked on with them, and the speed in which these were rolled out.”
Elka – Brand Campaigns Marketing