In their own words the StreetAway app allows users to “get more from the city they love” in the form of exclusive offers and discounts, all useable instantly.

After beta testing StreetAway engaged us in an on-going multi-level campaign aimed at driving app downloads, increasing user engagement and introducing new features. As the app was brand new, and a new concept to the public, we split the campaign into several sections, each tackling a different element of the brief.



Street Away






Over 10,000 new users


The first goal was to introduce the app to potential users, informing of them of its existence and the basic offer-based concept of the platform.
Then once a substantial level of exposure had been gained we began the second phase of the campaign; promoting the unique features off the app, such as real-time offers and the “live tab” facility.


“When first engaging with Third Aspect we were presented with a thorough proposal outlining what they believed would be the most successful media and applications for our first campaign. After following their advice it was a pleasure to see it become a reality, both in an extremely accurate visual style and results.”
Eric – Managing Director