With a truly unique product comes an inherent lack of understanding, which in turn can create a barrier to access for entry level users.
In order to increase user interaction, Betfair looked to us to promote the unique features of the Exchange to both new signups and existing users.

The goal of the campaign was to increase understanding of the platform and push users beyond the basics so they would take advantage of the more advanced features.









141 videos across 11 territories

UK, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy Latin America, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Latin America

It was agreed that the most effective solution would be helping users understand the theory behind each element. Then they will feel comfortable to explore them in practice.

Production started with the basics of the Exchange for the UK market but grew into 28 videos over a 12 month period. This has subsequently been rolled out across the rest of world in 3 batches totalling over 140 video in 9 languages.

Hosted on YouTube and distributed on micro sites, inline content as well as in direct comms and popup offers the videos have proven their worth within days of publication, resulting in the production of similar content for other Betfair products and across other Paddy Power Betfair brands.


“Third Aspect have produced fantastic, high quality videos for our education platforms. They are a great company to work with; very creative with strong client management skills and good ideas. I would definitely recommend them.”
Jo – Education Manager